Who is Phantom Spa...

Our vision is to provide a specific detail service which focus’ on each individual client and their vehicle. With every Phantom Detail, we treat each vehicle with the upmost respect and attention to all details– as if it was our own. Our goal is to achieve certification, all while maintaining excellence, with high standards and precision. We address each one of our clients concern by delivering a professional, reflective, preserved finish on any vehicle we are trusted to give the Phantom Effect to. Along with being insured, we continue to work towards supporting our local communities and continue to establish local business connections.

Phantom Spa’s aim is to deliver our specialized services, meticulous attention to detail, passion and skill to every client, as we do NOT operate at high volume. Nothing is overlooked as we go over each vehicle with our client, before and after, to ensure we deliver the highest quality finish for our client’s investment. We assure you it will be a second to none experience.

Now its your turn to see for yourself..

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