When it comes to having passion in quality, that is something that cannot be taught overnight. it takes years of trial and error and using the resources that are available around you to continuously strive for that perfect outcome. We are never satisfied until our customers are; that's because our passion isn't only with cars, its taking your vision to that next step and making it reality, and better then you ever imagined.


by definition;

  • it is the state of something, especially with regard to its appearance, quality, or working order.

  • the circumstances affecting the way in which people live or work, especially with regard to their safety or well-being.

Our goal is to ensure we are providing our customer will a santized, conditioned product that will maintain its appearance, with minimal effort, to suit everyones individuals needs. Conditioning as well as coating ensures the detailed outcome can withstand your lifestyle, while still allowing you to enjoy the ride.


So often in this day and age, its hard to see the full potential of your vehicles paint. It is often dulled by these 'touchless' washes, snow brushes, and basic daily use.

In most situations, before the vehicle even leaves the showroom floor, does it have imperfections that they expect minimum waged employees to 'fix'. Let's not even mention the reminisce of transportation prior to arriving at the dealer. We are able to remove, correct, and protect one of your most valued assets (always subject to inspection). We have often turned dull, faded surfaces into deep, reflective mirrors.

Phantom Who?!

If you want a cheap, quick clean, nothing fancy, then your on the wrong site..

We at Phantom Spa Detail Specialist, strive to achieve the most detailed outcome and durable protection for one of your most valued assets.

Maybe you drive it every day, maybe it only sees the sun twice a year; regardless of make or model, brand new or a vintage classic, we will treat it as our own and give it some TCL like you've never seen.
Our passion and dedication is visible in all the work we do. Book Now and see for yourself.